Documents for parents

As a parent, you will find some useful information here. It is always recommended to use our checklist, to make sure the safety of all parties.
You will also find some information about tax and how to pay salary to the babysitter in a legal way.

Norsk sjekkliste

English checklist

It is advisable to fill out the checklist prior the first babysitting with a new babysitter. Always discuss how and when to pay the salary to the babysitter.

Foreldrefradrag for dokumenterte utgifter til pass av barn

Den forenklede oppgjørsordningen (A04)

There is an easy way to subtract tax using AltInn following the link. There is also an English form available in AltInn. It is the babysitter and the parents responsibility to pay salary and tax. The Agency recommend you to pay tax, but have no responsibility of salary and tax payment.

How to fill out the Tax-form for salary to the babysitter

Make sure that you upgrade to a paid membership prior booking a babysitter. It is the babysitters/nanny’s responsibility to make sure they don’t babysit for a non-paying member, so please don’t make it uncomfortable for the babysitter if he/she have to ask you to upgrade to a paid membership.

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You can change, upgrade or stop your membership anytime from your account-page.