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Orders for Individual Nights 
Some parents only need a babysitter for a couple of days. For example, when staying at a hotel, attending a Wedding etc. It is then advisable to order single night, two nights, or three nights.

Sigle nights
If you need a babysitter more than once a month, it would pay to take out a membership. You would then be entitled to the Babysitter Guarantee. You would have your own, specially selected babysitter; the same person every time. You would make arrangements directly with her. If you would like a different babysitter, the agency will find another one for you. This will take 72 hours at most, once you have have notified us.

You can choose between
Annual membership or 3 months membership. 

Daytime Babysitting

Our guarantee applies to nights and weekends, only. We cannot guarantee babysitting during the weekday, as our babysitters may be students, or have other employment on weekdays. We will be happy to help during weekdays, but this is strictly subject to availability. Arrangements must be made upfront, with the Agency.

One single day, daytime NOK 420,- to be paid to the agency in addition to the babysitters salery.

If you want more than three days, please contact the agency

Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
email: post@stavangerbarnevakt.no
  97 51 32 87 
Payment should be done at the same time of booking through PayPal.
The payment is two-fold:
One to the agency, which you perform from this site.

After the job has been done, the salary should be paid to the babysitter.