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Our Guarantee
Membership Guarantee
* All our babysitters are over 18 years of age 
*Qualified in First Aid
The babysitters are experienced, and used to deal with  children of all ages
You are guaranteed to get a babysitter after 17:00, on weekdays.
You are guaranteed a babysitter in the daytime, and/or at night, at weekends.
The babysitter can come to your home, or pick up the children at an agreed upon location in the Stavanger/Sandes area.
A new babysitter will be found within 72 hours if your regular babysitter is unavailable, or if you wish to have a different babysitter, for any reason.
If we, for some reason, are unable to get you a babysitter after you make an initial booking and payment, you will get your money refunded.
Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
email: post@stavangerbarnevakt.no
  97 51 32 87