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After filling in the Booking you will get contacted within 72 hours, and get a babysitter for your needs.
Pre-meeting is recommended, and costs 100,- NOK for 1 hour that should be paid directly to the babysitter.
 You have several option to get a reliable      babysitter from our agency:

    * Single night babysitting
    * Membership 


  • you will always have an available babysitter for your needs. 
  • You will have your own babysitter, the same one each time. 
  • If your regular babysitter dont have time, the agency will get you a replacement within 72 hours.
  • You pay an fixed amount each month, depending on which membership you choose

  • Single night

    If you need a babysitter once in a while, it could be feasible for you to buy just one, two or three nights of babysitting.

    Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
    email: post@stavangerbarnevakt.no
      97 51 32 87 
    For safety reasons for everybody conserned, please fill in these forms before the first meeting.