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A pre-meeting before the actual babysitting is recommended. The babysitter should be paid 100,- for 1 hour meeting.

The minimum hourly rate for babysitting is 115 kr, and the minimum number of hours a babysitter may be engaged for, each time, is three.

Prices are twofold;

You pay a fixed price to the Agency, depending on which membership you choose. 

After the babysitting service has been provided, the babysitter should be paid directly, according to the hourly rate.

The babysitter should be paid after each sitting, or once-a-month, if the babysitting takes place several times during the course of the month.

Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
email: post@stavangerbarnevakt.no
  97 51 32 87 
We can offer different solutions based on your needs:
*Membership of 3 months: 295,-/ month

*Membership of 1 year: 245,-/ month

Both memberships are an ongoing contract, continuing for minimum 3 or 12 months, until terminated from our website >Termination of membership

It is also possible to buy just one-two or three days of babysitting:

* One day: 420,-

* Two days: 620,-

* Three days: 720,-