• You will have your own regular babysitter who the children, and yourself, can get to know and rely on.
  • * Above 18 years

    * Fluent Norwegian and English

    * Attended a First Aid Course

    We are a Babysitting company located in Stavanger.

    All of our babysitters are 18 years or older, and speak both English and fluent Norwegian.

    They have attended a First Aid Course for children.

    Our services are mostly provided on evenings and weekends, since most of our babysitters also have another job or studies. We can, however, sometimes also help out at daytime.

    Do you live in Sandnes, Stavanger, Randaberg or Sola area, we will guarantee to give you a babysitter on a regular basis. 

    Stavanger Barnevaktbyrå
    email: post@stavangerbarnevakt.no
      97 51 32 87
    We are now looking for new babysitters, please apply from our webpage >Søk jobb